Saturday, December 8, 2007

i love Christmastime!

i do... i love it! i love the christmas story, the christmas trees, all the decorations and lights, love the christmas parties, and everything else that comes along with this time of year. i've had 2 christmas parties this week. one with my lovely bible study girls and our office christmas party last night. both parties were a great time to spend with family & friends!

i came over to the parents' house last night for the first time since they've decorated for christmas and realized one obvious thing when i looked at their hearth... our family has grown! there are definitely more stockings on the hearth than ever before. this is fun, but it also means one other thing... christmas as we've known it for the last few years is changing. mackenzie is now old enough to really get excited about christmas morning & now we have baby madeline. this is what really make christmas special... the kids. a few years ago it was just the adults opening presents that we knew we were getting because we picked them out. there's not too much excitment in that. haha. not anymore!!! now we have kids for entertainment.

another thing that has changed this year is no more christmas morning at my parent's house. we have moved it to dinner. this makes me sad, BUT ... i'm being flexible :) thank goodness that my roommate adrienne is going to be here. we are going to have christmas morning at our house with the 2 of us & blessy (A's dog... i'm sure she'll have a dedicated post soon.) currently we are trying to come up with something to do for christmas morning so that when we look back we can say, "do you remember when we did THAT on christmas morning?" ... we're still thinking on this one. any ideas would be appreciated :)

with that said... i hope you enjoy this christmas holiday as much as i have!
...& here some pictures from this week's parties


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