Tuesday, January 22, 2008

psalms, the original release -- by shane barnard

this is one of my all time favorite cd's! the first time i heard this cd, i was in college and was visiting my friend catherine at ASU in boone, nc. catherine, a long time friend of mine, knew my passion for music, & told me that she had a cd that she knew i would love. after hearing just a few songs, i was taken back by shane barnard's talent. not only his talent for singing & the man's insane guitar skills, but he was able to take words from different psalms in the bible and create these amazingly powerful songs. for me, he really brought the psalms to life. i love just riding in my car on a beautiful sunny day & listening to shane barnard. he's now with another shane & they are collectively called shane & shane. creative huh? ha! i love all of their work, but there's just something about this old album from shane barnard that's just incredible.

they're all great, but a few of my favorites are psalm 143 (revive me), psalm 145, psalm 118, praise the name of jesus, & last, but certainly not least, you said. enjoy!


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Unknown said...

April - Shane Barnard is my absolute favorite. His music (including this CD especially) literally got me through my parents divorce. I would lay in my bed at night with headphones on crying and praying and being healed by his lyrics and his music. So powerful! - Bri