Monday, January 7, 2008

sun, moon, & stars...

i'm amazed by the heavens... specifically sunsets & sunrises. they take my breath away. seriously... when i see them i think my heart skips a beat & i get breathless for a second. por exemplo... ("for example" for all of you non spanish speakers)... i love when i get up to go to the gym before work (this is not an often occurrence) because usually as i'm driving my route to the gym not really paying attention, i will come up over a certain hill & BOOM... there's the sun, in all it's morning majesty! ... & there goes my breath. i feel like this is God's personal reminder to me of how amazing His creation is.

last night i was at our mountain house on beech mountain in nc & witnessed a beautiful sunset right before we ate dinner. the clouds were just right, the colors turned out amazing, & add the winter trees into the picture & voila!

then this morning when i got up to leave at 5:45 AM to drive back to charlotte, my first thought was "yuck! this is wayyyy too early" then i stepped outside to get into my car & looked up at the still dark sky & stars were glittering everywhere. it made the morning well worth it. with not much light on the mountain & a completely cloudless sky, the stars were blazing bright in all their glory!

to end my amazing 24 hours with the sun, moon, & stars, i was able to see the beginnings of the sunrise over the mountains as i was leaving blowing rock & heading down the mountain. further on down 321 the sun finally peeked through the fog in the form of a big red ball! amazing!

& this happens everyday! i know, i know... you are probably saying to yourself, "well, duh!" but i realized how often i am too busy to notice this amazing daily process and the beauty God offers for us to experience.

i challenge you to take the time this week to watch a sunrise, do some star gazing, or just simply take the time to watch the sun set.



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