Friday, February 29, 2008

frustration... & how to deal

a few things have been causing me frustration this week & i'm trying my best to deal with them. i'm sure a few of you are frustrated at times & i wanted to share this short article that's helped me this week. it's helping me take my frustration into perspective & get rid of it!

How to Deal With Frustration

Frustration is a part of life. Work stress, tension at home, someone letting you down or a sudden change in plans can quickly lead to an angered and discouraged mood. But, your frustrations will not get the best of you if you know how to control your emotions when they occur, or better yet, how to prevent them from surfacing in the first place.

Step 1:Lower your expectations.

Most peoples' frustrations stem from their disappointment of things not working out the way they anticipated. If you are constantly being let down and are becoming frustrated because of it, evaluate how much pressure you put on yourself, on others and on situations in your life.

Step 2:Accept life as it is.

One thing is guaranteed in the game of life, you will be dealt a bad hand from time to time. Devote a small amount of time to thoughts of the difficult situation or period in your life, and focus on what you can do to change your current state of affairs. Your feelings of frustration will always take a back seat to creative emotional energy.

Step 3:Take nothing personally.

People develop frustration over being let down by someone, cut off in traffic, shouted at by a loved one or any one of other common things. Nothing any one says or does should be taken as a direct affront to you. People have their reasons for the way they act, and, though it may seem it at times, their behavior has nothing to do with you and everything to do with their emotional mind-set at the time you crossed their paths.

Step 4:Take time to put the situation into perspective.

If you begin to feel yourself becoming frustrated, go somewhere quiet and think about if the situation is worth being upset. Chances are when you contemplate whatever it is, you'll realize that in the grand scheme of life, it's just not that important.

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