Friday, March 21, 2008

me & lucy

well it's been quite a week and a half with miss lucy. she has come so far since last tuesday when i picked her up & my life has completely changed! the shy little puppy i had has really, really started to develop her sweet little personality. she has kept me very busy & i am loving her more by the minute. she's quite the spunky little thing & she absolutely loves all the people & all the dogs ... mostly the dogs... she's met so far & she can't get enough play time with my roommate's boxer blessy. they are quite cute together & i'll have to post a video of the 2 of them playing at a later date. she is also now our office mascot & loves spending the day at office with me. oh & what a little cuddle bug she is!! i just love that!! i just can't wait until i can get an uninterrupted nights sleep again, but it's all worth it.

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Unknown said...

What a beautiful photo of the two of you!!! Isn't mommyhood great!? :)