Sunday, May 25, 2008

beauty is in the eye of the beholder

one of my favorite things to do at the beach is to take a stroll on the beach, feel the sand squish beneath your feet, & look for seashells... i love them... but what i really love to find are seashell pieces... completely broken, completely different, & completely changed from how they began, but so beautiful all the same. i find them more exciting than actually finding a whole beautiful shell. there's something great about finding a beautiful, unique piece of the shell that has been beaten & weathered by the ocean & the sand. it amazes me that God made something that sits on the bottom of the ocean with such detail, has a purpose, & then we get to see them. each piece is so unique with different, shapes, colors, edges, & size.

i took my niece yesterday with me on my beach stroll & it amazed me to see what shells she picked up when i told her to fill her cup with the ones she thought were pretty. she picked out ones that i would never even glance at. it made me think about how we each see things through such different eyes. just because a certain shell is beautiful to me, doesn't necessarily mean that she sees it through the same eyes... granted she's 3 years old & almost all shells are pretty to her, but it still made me think & made me thankful how unique each of us actually are and makes me appreciative & respectful of the differences life shows us.

all the same... i love finding the beauty in sea shells.
gotta love the beach!


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