Monday, May 12, 2008


so not only did i try my hand at baking this weekend, i was also really inspired by amy butler's fabrics & decided to begin my new adventure of sewing. after chatting with my mom about wanting to sew last week, she said that she had another sewing machine somewhere, but couldn't remember which family member had it. after checking around, she found out my sister had the old sewing machine in her attic. i called my sister & let her know i was coming over to get the old sewing machine & she told me, in a giggly way, "watch out... it's the school model, created just for the classroom." sounds good to me! the easier to learn, the better! my mom later told me that she found the old sewing machine for sale in the classifieds, years ago & bought it very inexpensive... & i'm glad she found it! so after a quick trip to the fabric store to buy some cheap fabric, a few "learn to sew" patterns, & a quick lesson from my mom, i was ready to learn to sew!

saturday night & sunday morning i took some time to get to know my sewing machine & cut out my pattern & fabric pieces. needless to say...we still need some more time to get to know each other : )

but i did have a helper!! miss lucy was very curious as to what was going on with all this mess. she was helping me read the how-to manual.

hopefully we will have more luck this week : )

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