Thursday, May 29, 2008

summer chacos!

in preparation for bonnaroo in 2 weeks,
i went to jesse brown's yesterday
& got these lovely new chacos!
i love my flips that i've had for a while now & these
are a new version of the flips.

i love them!

like an idiot, i left my Z2s ...
(for all those not completely in love with chacos...
Z2s are another type of sandal by Chaco)
anywho... back to my point... i left them last year
at the River's Edge restaurant at the
White Water Center after rafting... so sad.
i've got to replace those here in the near
future before we hit up rafting again,
but i just couldn't pass these lovely new ones up!

have a lovely thursday & if you don't own
a pair of chacos, getchusome!!

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