Monday, June 2, 2008

spring cleaning & LOTS to do

back from the beach & back to reality!! i just got finished doing some MUCH needed... & very late i might add... spring cleaning in my office. lots of dust... yuck! i came into work this morning feeling like i really needed a fresh start to this week & i feel much better about the week :) now it's time to tackle all the paper!

lots & lots to do this week (other than work)... dinner with my ANCHOR ladies, back to dance after 3 weeks off, Jenn turns 25 & we celebrate Friday with a skating party (yep that's right... skating :) cross your finger for no broken bones) , wedding shower for the lovely catherine, birthday party/summer bash at the lake for chris' 27th, & a family reunion.. all by sunday!!!

& LOTS to think about...

goodness gracious i'm completely overwhelmed today...

here's a lovely little pic of me & the roomie from our beach weekend. gotta love going to target to buy the BIGGEST sunglass you can find. she didn't have hers on in the pic, but i loved rockin' mine!!


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