Saturday, June 21, 2008


so i have a confession to make...
i'm completely obsessed with facebook.  it's slightly out of control... & to make matters worse, my iphone has facebook mobile!  i can't get away from it.  it really is like being addicted to a drug.  when i'm away from it for a few days, i have complete withdrawal.  

ok... so with that being said, i really do think facebook is a great thing.  it's enabled me to find people that i've lost contact with over the years, keep up with friends from high school, college, etc, and it also gives me a slight glimpse into people's lives and what makes them who they are.  i love that!  

another great thing that i love about facebook is the ability to post pictures & tag people in them.  obviously i love pictures & i'm such a visual person, that i think this is soo great.  facebook also has a tool that takes all of the pictures and albums that you post and puts them in a bound book that you can purchase.  the book can also include all the captions you've posted.

are you on facebook??  if not, get on board, but beware... it's addicting!


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