Sunday, June 29, 2008

my first sewing project!!!

finally!!!  a few months ago i decided to teach myself how to sew & i finally did it!!!  with some fabric i bought on sale & some leftover ribbon i had from another project, i finally made my first bag!  it's my favorite color, blue, & i'm happy with the sale fabric.  it's a little flimsier that i would've liked, but i'll fix that next time.  it's a big bag which i think will be great for the pool & it has 2 pockets on the inside.  the ribbon around the top & the bow were my creative additions to the pattern : )

i've been in the mountains this weekend with the family & today we woke up to rain.  i decided it would be the perfect day for sewing.  i was actually surprised at how easy it was once i got started.  i loved it!!!  thankfully i had my wonderful grandmother & mother here to help me with the questions i had.  sooo... what do you think???

i'm hoping to have more free time this summer to keep up this new hobby.  i love it!


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Unknown said...

Gorgeous!!!! I'm SO impressed. I need a lesson....I've been dying to make curtains for my house.