Wednesday, June 11, 2008

the roo'ski

well, we are off to bonnaroo today. our goal is to leave NC about 7 tonight, drive through the night to TN, & then sit, sleep (if we can), & hang out until the gates open tomorrow morning so we can avoid most of the traffic & get a good spot. say a little prayer that we have a safe trip pulling the camper & that the heat or rain isn't too bad during the festival.

with that said... i'm sooooo excited i can't stand it!!! this will be my first time seeing jack johnson live (i know... can you believe it?), kanye west just announced a late night show that will feature his insane light show that he's been currently touring with, & sooooooooo much more!!! i feel like a kid on christmas eve!

be back tuesday with lots to blog about & lots of pictures... cause you know i love me some pictures!!


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