Thursday, September 25, 2008

gas crisis in the south

so down here in charlotte, nc we are officially out of gas.  that's right... out.

people have been lining up at stations for the last 48 hours trying to get gas.  most stations are rationing their gas or they are completely out.  people are fighting, wrecks are happening due to out of place traffic, & the police are having to focus a good amount of time just to keep order at the gas stations.  i just drove down the street to a large station that always has gas & there were lines coming in from all 4 sides of the station & there's a police tower there... i mean like the ones they use for riot control... WTF??!?!?!  just to find out that the station doesn't even have gas.  i mean there are at LEAST a 100 cars in line(my guestimations aren't so great so it could be more) to get gas that isn't even there.  an attendant... who i noticed had taken off his work issued shirt & was just wearing his undershirt, with the uniform shirt thrown over his shoulder -- probably so he doesn't get attacked, poor guy... anyways... he was just politely walking from car to car letting everyone know that there is no gas & they are expecting a truck in 2 hours, but that's just what they're hearing & it could be longer...  needless to say, i left.

what has this world come to?  we are fighting over gas, people are just being flat out mean to each other to beat the other person to the pump.  aren't times like these when we should be leaning on each other & not at each other's throats?  and what about the big picture?  in a few days (hopefully) we will have gas & this will all be over.  maybe for a few days this country needs to stop & rest.  no gas, can't go anywhere, try to do something else with your time other than drive, or how about just relax.  

well... i'm hoping i have enough gas to get to the mountains this weekend.  we shall see...

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Anonymous said...

We have been out of gas since last week... its miserable and people are being stupid. :( Its suppose to go on for ANOTHER week..... be careful coming to the mountains! We are out!!!!