Friday, September 5, 2008

la biblioteca

yesterday i decided to spend my first evening sans the tv at the library. the matthews public library is just a few blocks from the new place. the matthews library is a beautiful new building that has been built in the last few years in the heart of historic downtown that also serves as town hall. it's right beside the railroad tracks which i love!

after perusing the shelves for a while, i decided to grab a few books that peaked my interest.

i recently got to watch sense & sensibility with some girl friends & so i've had jane austen on the mind. i grabbed love & friendship by austen & also another book that caught my eye while wandering down the aisle -- jane's austen's guide to dating. bingo!! woo hoo! i need all the help i can get & since i don't really have the dating mentality of most single's my age, i thought it could be an interesting read. continuing down the row ... make every man want you - becoming an irresistable woman - i mean i don't really want EVERY man to want me, but what woman doesn't want to be irresistable?!?! this one just made me giggle so i had to get it. ha!
then we move on to blogging... or wait, maybe we're already there or here or... whatever : )

i love the blog, soule mama, & author, amanda soule has a book called the creative family. now i know i don't have a family, but i'm all about storing away ideas for the future so i grabbed that one too.

then i stumbled across jewlery making & found glamorous beaded jewlery & that inspired me with something else to do this month, get back into making jewlery...

onto the real reason i headed to the library. i am in need of some serious help with creating my own blog design... so i'm going to try & teach myself HTML. i might be dreaming a little big, but why shouldn't i? what have i got to loose? the worst that could happen is that i get completely frustrated, can't figure the geek language out, throw the book across the room, & then return it & still not have a blog design, right?! haha. but for now i'll think positive & hope that the HTML book is helpful.

lastly, i grabbed the IDIOT'S guide to Photography. i mean who couldn't use some help with their photos & we all know i LOVE me some photos!!

so needless to say i found some great stuff at the library... i think. we'll see what i can come up with this month since the last one wasn't too productive on the blogging front!

happy friday!!


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