Saturday, September 27, 2008

let's get dirty!!

it's been another fun, family weekend here on beech mountain. today was a rainy, cool day so we headed down the mountain a little ways to foscoe, nc to do a little gem mining & find some gas : )  

gem mining was a favorite activity of mine as a child.  my dad & i used to always go gem mining with indian princesses when i was younger & i haven't been in years.  i always loved getting my hands in the water with the big basket of dirt & seeing if i could find any precious gem stones. whenever i would find ANYTHING shiny, i thought i'd hit the jackpot.  i treasured those pretty, shiny rocks... for probably about a week. ha.  

today we took mackenzie for her first gem mining experience & she had a great time.  as soon as we pulled in it quit raining & no lie, when we pulled out... it started raining again... needless to say we were thankful for the short break out of the house. we found some really pretty "rocks" today (see the pics below) & i think mackenzie's favorite part was getting dirty!  she had more fun sticking her hands down in the muddy water & bringing those little fingers up covered in dirt.  we had a blast!!  

& here's another AMAZING beech mountain sunset... well i missed this one (so pissed), but the fam caught in on film to share with me.  just beautiful!!

happy saturday!

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