Wednesday, September 17, 2008

wednesdays with luke

i was incredibly encouraged last night at my woman's bible study.  for the next 9 months we will be studying the book of luke.  we had a dinner last night to kick off the new study with all of the woman.  our format this year will be different than last.  last year we all met as a group at the church for a time of teaching & then split into our smaller groups around the church to have time of discussion & fellowship.  this year we will all be meeting together the 1st tuesday evening of the month & then the rest of the tuesdays we will be meeting in someone's home.  we can even wear our pjs!!  after a long day at work, this sounds like such a good idea!  i'm a sucker for some sweat pants. : )

i'm also so excited about the friendships & relationships i built with these woman over the last year & can't wait to see where the Lord takes us this year.  i'm thankful for each of these woman! 

stephanie - catherine - mary beth - kristen - laura - bri - megan - jessica

i'm excited to study luke after listening to our teacher, susan, tell us about the "uniquities" of luke.  luke was a physician, a historian, a traveler, & a faithful friend & beloved of the apostle, paul.  

luke has many styles of writing in his gospel in which he addresses birth narratives & geneaology, 20 miracles, 4 of which are unique to the book of luke, many parables, 9 unique to luke, prayer, he recorded songs that were& he also puts more focus on the women that played major roles in Jesus' life than any other writer.  

my goal over the next 9 months is to commit a post on wednesdays to share with you something that i learned from luke during my week of study & time of learning with my small group.  i hope that is something that you will all stay tuned for & hold me accountable for.

my posts will be called 'wednesdays with luke'

check back next wednesday!


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