Monday, September 22, 2008

M's, 'maters, & a sad announcement

i decided yesterday that my new little bag is going to the little Ms in my life. i thought my niece, the big m, could use it for her books or whatever she might fancy & when she grows out of it, she can pass it down to my other niece, the little m. so i added a little m to my new creation yesterday.
& check out all these 'maters (yes that is completely a southern thing, sorry if you had no idea as to what i was referring to) i scored at my grandmother's last night. her tomato plants are out of control right now. i'm going to be trying my hand at some tomato sauce with this recipe tonight.

& the sad announcement :(

i'm sad to say that after only being with us since august 7th, mr. oliver will be leaving us friday to live with a young couple in bakersfield, ca. i sadly made this decision after realizing that he needs a place to run, a place where he can be the fun little pocket beagle he is. my townhouse is just too constricting for this little guy. i am soooo sad to see him go because i love him dearly. he's my cuddle bug, the one who lets me love on him whenever. so today, i'm sad.


My Eco Self said...

Have you ever made tomato sauce with butter? I've only discovered it recently, and oh my goodness, it is divine. There is a good recipe on

edson_dias said...

these guys are cute :-)