Thursday, September 4, 2008


so i recently moved...
most of you are saying "duh, no brainer" : )
but in case you are just joining me, i'm filling you in.

once i moved in, to my delight i found that the previous owners forgot to turn off their cable services. i had free tv for a month & it was lovely! well i came back from vacation last week to static.

no more cable tv for this girl.
i'm pretty sure this was the first time in my life that i have not had cable tv & it got me to thinking... do i really need this? is this what i want to spend my money on now & more over how i want to choose to spend some of my free time? now i'm not saying that there aren't some shows that i absolutly love & i'm a sucker for finding a good movie on tv and i'm not completely bashing cable tv, but sometimes all the tv shows and media coverage just makes my head spin.

so for this fall, i am having an experiment of not having cable tv in my house. i want to see how i can spend my time. whether it be spending time outside with the dogs, sewing, jewelry making, socializing with friends, or just reading. maybe i'll even find a new hobbie! whatever it might be, i don't want to waste my time this fall sitting on the couch watching tv & that makes me excited!
now i'm asking much time do you spend watching tv? when was the last time you read a book? maybe next time you go to sit down to flip on the tele, lace up your shoes & head outside to enjoy God's creation... or you can just call me crazy : )
i hope everyone has a fabulous week!!!

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NatureGirl said...

Love your blog. Just thought I would send a little positive energy your way today...Thanks for the laugh!