Monday, October 27, 2008

halloween in the big apple

that's right folks... in 4 days i'll be making
my way up to NYC to visit my friend e!!

e & i have been friends since pre-school,
making her my friend i've known the longest.
not only did we go to school together our whole lives,
but we also danced together for a really long time.
growing up we were inseperable!!

on a whim last week
-- with no halloween plans --
i bought my plane ticket to spend
halloween in the city with the lovely e.

the picture below is of us in the city last year.
we decided to be touristy & go to
the top of the rock... rockafeller center that is : )

i love visiting e in the city & i love NYC...
i love the energy.
if you've ever been, you know what i mean.
the hustle & bustle of the city
is just something we don't have here in NC.
at least not on the scale of NYC.
i'm sure halloween is even crazier.
can't wait until friday!!

here is a picture i took of e
last year when i was there.
isn't she cute?
i love her!

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Lynne said...

Hi, I'm in New York too for Halloween (and for the election!) There is a really fun thing which I am going to at St John's of the Divine, it is a screening of some film - I think phantom of the opera - and then there is a procession of the ghouls..! A friend went last year and said it is a lot of fun. This is the link: