Wednesday, December 3, 2008

a must read!

redeeming love is by far one of the most powerful novels i have ever read.  the picture the book paints of God's redeeming love is just amazing. seriously people...  i couldn't put this book down when i read it.  it's almost 500 pages & i finished it in 2 days... & i am by no means a fast reader.

 the story is a beautiful retelling of the love story of gomer & hosea from the bible.  the story of sarah, aka 'angel', & michael hosea is set during the late 1800's & the California gold rush.  angel was sold into prostitution as a child & michael hosea, a man of God, is sent into her life to draw her into the Savior's redeeming love.

this novel totally opened my eyes to the God i believe in.  His amazing, unconditional, redeeming love is the love i'm after. 

friends this is a must read
especially if you are questioning who God is 
or are looking for a deeper understanding 
of His love.

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