Monday, January 12, 2009

a free concert in your living room

well i survived!!

e told me that the one stipulation of her moving in was that i HAD to get cable : ) let's just say she didn't have to twist my arm too hard. don't get me wrong. i loved my time without cable. i realized there were so many other things i could be doing with my time. i read, made jewelry, walked lucy, visited with friends, cleaned my house, & lots of other things in my cable free time. i realized it was a really good break for my mind from the drama of tv & got me reconnected with my reality.

& now that cable has returned, i find myself making much better tv watching choices. while i was browsing the HD channels to watch on my new TV (christmas present to myself... come on now... if i'm going to get cable, i'm going to do it right by golly!! all 46 inches of my high definition is just lovely!)
anywho... while browsing i found the best channel ever!! it's palladia.
an HD music channel that shows concerts all day long. i chose a few to record (oh yeah... i forgot to mention the DVR) & have loved putting them on when i'm making dinner or just hanging around the house. amy winehouse & keith urban have been two really good ones thus far.

now i have the best of the best singing to me right in my living room & i love it!!
hopefully you can get this channel too. it's now my favorite.
happy monday!

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