Monday, January 19, 2009

rainbows & water...

so my weekend of vacation & relaxation came to an abrupt ending yesterday morning when i got an email from my roommate that there were 2 inches of water in the first floor of my townhouse. not only my townhouse, but 7 others around me too. so as i felt helpless with not being able to do a thing being 3 hours a way, i packed up & made my way out of the arctic tundra to come home to a wet, cold mess.

i'm soooooooooo thankful for e & her dad for cleaning up all the water & the mess. turns out everyone's pipe that's in our outdoor storage closets busted overnight saturday night. it's a bad situation, but could have been sooooo much worse for me.
funny enough this morning as i was taking all the pictures off my camera from what i'm going to refer to the freeze/flood of 09, the first pictures i had on there were from my drive up to the mountains last friday afternoon. not once, but twice, there were 2 random little rainbows in the sky. it didn't rain friday & so it was even stranger to me in the cloudiness of the day, that they were there. the first one faded away & then not 30 minutes later down the road another one appeared. i love rainbows & to get 2 little ones in one day just made my drive that much more lovely. now looking back to friday, i'm realizing how my mind quickly went to what the rainbow represents from Genesis 9 . comes my "flood"... at first i was overwhelmed by the messiness of the situation, but slowly the Lord really revealed to me that He's not going to give me a mess i can't handle & i've already seen him take care of me so much in the freeze/flood of 09 situation. e could've been with me this past weekend, but wasn't so she was there to take care of the water, her dad works in commercial construction & lended his expertise yesterday in my abscense to take care of my home & now has people he trusts that are willing to come repair my home, & so on & so on.

He's going to take care of us
... & i will praise Him in this storm...

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