Tuesday, February 17, 2009

i've realized recently that i'm going to seriously
have to step it up in the gym if i'm ever going to
be the fitness guru i see in my head :)
so in light of my most recent efforts,
i've invested in fitness magazine.

even though i know what i have to do, the motivation is nice to have.
they have great fun new ways to do the same ol' stuff.
you can also check them out at fitnessmagazine.com
i also bought these pretty little postcards to help out my
RED accent color i've started acquiring for my living room.
i found these lovely little pictures at
now i've just got to come up with a creative, RED,
way to frame & where to hang them.
& check out trouble... uh, i mean, niece#2. ha!
just call this one evil knievel. she's a wild woman!!
i took these pictures the other night after she
decided to dump ALL the food toys on her head,
then took out the "sink" & climbed right on through.
love this kid.

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NatureGirl said...

Ok, so I have so much to say about this! When I first decided that I too needed to "step up" my fitness routine, I started with yoga. Then I joined a gym and started attending group classes (my short attention span makes it hard for me to work out alone!) I got soooo hooked that I certified as a yoga instructor. I think you would love teaching yoga. Go to yogafit.com and check out their training program. Also, about those great pants in the previous post. I live about an hour from Jackson Hole...so if you ever want to wear those there...give me a ring! :)