Sunday, March 29, 2009

burn the floor

i got the pleasure of going to see burn the floor last night.
can i just say it was ah-mazing!!!
i was like a little kid at the circus, sitting on the edge of my seat.

i crack myself up at shows because to be quite honest
when the curtain rises & the show begins, i get a knot in my throat...
that's right... the knot that produces tears folks.
why?!?  who knows, other than i know my love for the stage
runs deep & burn the floor last night was a sassy showcase of dance.
go see it for sure if it comes near you!  it was worth ever penny!

here are a few clips (that don't do the show the justice it deserves)
 i was able to get on camera... shhhh.  don't tell anyone : )

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