Wednesday, March 11, 2009

engage green

when i was in NYC last december, e & i went to the market in grand central station & i came across this great little booth with these bags made out of recycled items. i was instantly in love. i'd been looking for a small bag to keep in my purse to keep all those little things that hang out in the bottom. i was totally tired of digging around to find my burt's bees pomegranate chap stick (by the way... that stuff rocks!!) in the bottom. i need to know where that stuff is, when i want it, ASAP. :)in comes this cute little cosmetic bag made out of recycled paper. so i know you're thinking... "gah it's so trendy & you found it in NYC, it MUST be expensive." nope. $12. that's it!! & i really love the red lining.

EG5 cosmetic bag - $12

these products are made by engage green.

check out a few of my favs that i found in NYC & that are also for sale on their website

EG7 green flower traymat - $12
EG18 brown/red paper wristlet - $28

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Lynne said...

Great finds - I'm going over to have a look straight away!