Friday, May 29, 2009

so you think you can dance, dance, dance...

it has begun!!
the one tv show that i must watch is back on the air!
SYTYCD started last week with auditions and i am super excited so far at the talent that has come across the audition stage. last night i sat down & watched wednesday's episode & last night's episode back to back. e's in nyc for the rest of the week so i didn't have anyone there with me, but let's face reality folks... i totally cried at least 3 times during the shows. seriously?!?! is that normal? no? didn't think so :) haha. normally e points & laughs at me if is start crying during whatever we're watching & says "are you crying?"

{i think e tends to question my crying out of pure shock because... really.. the stuff on tv that makes me cry probably doesn't make many people cry. it's a great family trait that i have seem to have inherited}

well that wasn't the case last night so i let em' flow. the power & grace that some of those dancers displayed was beyond moving. i just can't wait to see what this season holds... and that's not the best part. not only are they doing a summer season, but they're also doing a fall season! holy excitement batman!!! oh i'm in heaven for sure!!

so basically... if you don't watch this show... you should!! i'm so glad that america is gaining an appreciation for dance & all the beauty it entails. it really is an amazing art form!

and watch this amazing audtion before youtube takes it away! this girl is definitely one that made me cry!!

happy friday!!


CAC muffin said...

happy friday! I tagged you on my blog sweet thing!

Nicky said...

I'm glad I found someone else who absolutely loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvesssss this show as much as I do.

Last night, I was so tired, but I had to see the top 20 picks.

So you think you can, so you think you can ... dance, dance, dance ... :0)