Tuesday, June 16, 2009

operation 5k

part deux of my weight loss plan is training for a 5k

if i'm going to do this, i'm going to do it right!! i'm GOING to get this weight off & get in great shape!! i've had a "novice 5k training schedule" on my fridge for about 9 months & i've finally decided to follow through with it. i've been running/jogging for quite a few months now & i finally feel like i can tackle this training program.

yesterday was day 1 of running & i ran my first full 1.5 miles!! at first i thought it would be pretty tough, but after driving the route around my house that i was going to run to make sure it was 1.5 miles, i realized that it wasn't much further than i'd already been running. i was super excited to have finished my first 1.5 in 15 minutes & 48 seconds. probably not the greatest time, but it felt good to me!!

i don't have a specific 5k race picked out yet to run, but i needed a goal... a program that i could complete to increase my running. this one seemed the most "do-able".

e & i are going to look for a 5k to run somewhere fun in the fall so we can make a vacation weekend out of it. i'm excited & can't wait to keep going!!
any running tips from you runners our there would be much appreciated!!!

happy tuesday!

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Alyssa said...

google c25k or couch to 5k.
Its a great program that everyone seems to succeed on!!