Wednesday, June 3, 2009

so if you're wondering what the inspiration was for the random post below...
it was e!
last night while i was in the process of installing a storm door on our front door for more sunlight in our house {i'm excited} e randomly broke out into the song from that little cartoon... "first you pick it up, then you put in the bag, BUMP - BUMP!!" i think i saw a little jig/butt bumping too while she was singing :) haha! i totally freaked & was like "did you really just sing that??" for some crazy reason that song came up sometime last year... i can't recall where or why & it took me forever to remember where it was from. we proceeded to youtube it last night & sat there giggling like school girls. we used to watch that cartoon as a kid like it was going out of style!! it's so fun when a random childhood memory pops into your head out of nowhere! good ol' humphrey the bear.

happy wednesday!!

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