Wednesday, July 29, 2009

gratitude cafe acoustic set

little did i know when we headed to the uptown ampitheate at the N. C. Music Factory for the mraz concert on tuesday night that i would see one of the best concerts i've seen to date.

as we arrived, miss angelina ballerina advised us that her friend who works there had added us to the list for the VIP club in the Fillmore club that is directly beside the main stage. we ran into him, thanked him profusely, & headed over the fillmore for some cold drinks & air conditioning while we waited for the concert begin. as the night progressed & the first act, k'nann {who was pretty good i might add. i'd never heard of them before} began, we headed outside to check out the show. here's a shot i took with my phone of the impending doom that was headed our way...

the rain didn't care that a few thousand people came to see or jason mraz, it came anyway... & it wasn't just a little rain, it was a serious summer thunderstorm. we were soooo thankful to be able to head back inside the fillmore to wait it out.

{by the way, the fillmore is an amazing venue. this picture doesn't do it justice, but i love the vibe the old warehouse windows & walls give the venue}

after about an hour of just hanging around, we were informed that the concert in the amphitheatre had been cancelled due to the weather, BUT & jason mraz had agreed to do an acoustic set in the fillmore. holy crap, i freaked! there were only about 100 people in the VIP fillmore area, but later they allowed fans who had stuck it out outside to come in & enjoy the fun.

needless to say, the concert was ah-mazing! bushwalla came out & did a short set, followed by, then onto mr. mraz.

thankfully e had her camera & i was able to grab a few shots. mraz played with a full band... with HORNS! oh how i love a live show with horns.

here's a little video clip of, jason mraz, & bushwalla having a little jam session. love it!

cafe gratitude jam session 7.28.09

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Fidgeting Gidget said...

What fun!

Isn't Bushwalla hilarious?