Monday, August 3, 2009

got a stinky sink?

so disposals kind of freak me off.
i feel like germs are just lurking down there.
ew. gross. freaks me out just typing that!

i've put lemon halves in the disposal before, but
while doing some mindless browsing with e yesterday at
bed, bath, & beyond she found THESE!!
i'm a sucker for anything like this especially when the price tag says $3.99.
if this will help clean my disposal & make it smell better, i'm all in!
so we bought them... we used... & our kitchen sink smelled lemony fresh!
{it made my sunday}

1 comment:

Huma said...

ha! i am a sucker for kitchen stuff like this too, but especially if it's in a gorgeous box of some sort. my very first blog post last year was about some fancy sounding organic sink cleaner that was grapefruit scented and happened to be in a very pretty vintage shaker-style box.

the marketing clowns clearly see people like me coming...

incidentally, pop by my blog if you like, as I have a great giveaway going!