Friday, August 21, 2009

i know you're jealous...

so what happens when your teenage cousin asks in passing if you'll take her to see the jonas brother's for her birthday & you're like "sure... but i'm not paying for it" thinking it won't happen & she's just being a tween girl obsessed with the jonas brothers??

this is what happens... your aunt emails you & says "THANK YOU SO MUCH" & you are on you way with a bunch of screaming tween girls to see the jonas brothers in concert. yes folks, this is where i'm headed tonight! i mean they do have great hair... do they maybe have a single older brother???
ohhh i love my life. i know that these 3 boys are some serious teenage heart throbs right now, but other than that i have NO idea what i've just gotten myself into. maybe i'll revert back to being 15 again tonight & scream & giggle just for the sack of being silly :)

{happy friday}

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Don't deny it. You had fun... NOT ! haha ! Thanks for taking me !