Wednesday, August 12, 2009

sponsor a child today!

growing up i have a memory of a child's, a young girl to be exact, picture hanging on our fridge with a hand written note in spanish translated for us into english. i specifically remember her writing to us about her age, her hobbies, what she was learning at school & i remember trying to imagine her life. every year that i got older, the young girl on the fridge got older...& to this day my mother & father support her.
they chose to support her through the amazing organization of world vision & we've been blessed to watch her grow from a small child into a young woman over the years. i'm amazed when i think about it now that such a small amount of money to us has allowed this girl, this young woman, to improve & enjoy a better life.

are you willing to give to someone in need today?

i'm challenging my readers to check out world vision & prayerfully consider supporting a child today! click the links below to check out world vision & what they are all about.

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