Thursday, September 24, 2009


fall has arrived & the boots have come out to play!
for some reason i'm LOVING boots this year.
me + a cute dress + BOOTS + a cute scarf = LOVE!
too bad boots are soo stinkin' pricey... oh well... must... work... harder :)
{here are a few pairs that i'm diggin' on today}


Nicole Faby said...

target has some knock off Fryes I bought a few weeks ago.. LOVE them :) And the price... only $50 can't go wrong!!

Sweet_Tooth said...

You are playing to my absolute weakness with this one! Boots are probably my all time favorite footwear. I just love you can take a plan outfit (like jeans & an oversized tee), add boots and voila instant catwalk-worthy look!

True they are expensive but they are a pretty solid investment as clothes go. Boots tend to be much more durable and longer lasting than other shoes and will get you through more seasons and ocassions than sandals or stilletos.

If you keep an eye out you can find pretty great buys - I got my favorite knee-high flat brown boots from Ann Taylor Loft for on $60 (originally 180) last fall!


Lauren H said...

we must have similar taste :) I have two of those boots!