Wednesday, September 2, 2009

i am so blessed!! last night i got to spend the evening for a "see ya later" (not goodbye) get together for the lovely sincerely, b. i am so blessed to be able to call these amazing Godly women friends! they are the best & i don't get to see them enough. we ate yummy food, caught up on some newlyweds, baby news, life changes, travel, some great date stories, & laughed lots. it was such a fun evening!
in other news, my previously beige hallway leading upstairs (i forgot to take before pictures) is now mocha! i am in lOVE! i told e not to be alarmed if she finds me just standing in the hall. these pics don't do the color justice & at night it's such a comforting, cozy space. adding color to your home is probably one of the cheapest ways you can redecorate your home!
now i'm off to finish dinner & head to dance (tap & jazz. love it!)
september has been absolutely lovely so far!
thank you 70 degree weather!!
{happy wednesday}

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