Monday, October 26, 2009

how about a pedicure??

my sister called me today at work to inform me that someone left niece#1s
new bottle of purple nail polish in reach of niece#2s napping quarters...

needless to say, thanks to the amazing technology of a
video monitor, my sister discovered niece#2
"painting her nails"

and painting her feet, her hands, her clothes, her bed...
i couldn't help but laugh & then i got the above picture
from the sister & i just lost it!

gotta love kiddos!!!

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smilinggreenmom said...

LOL! I should have added that to my post today too! "You know you're a mommy when..." ( bc that is hysterical! I personally love to do my own pedicures too and hopefully they look a little better than that! I love to just relax my feet in some hot water with essential oil followed by my favorite foot cream from Topricin! Thanks for the funny post, made me smile :)