Friday, October 9, 2009


{God given talent}
needtobreathe rocked a sold out show
at the visulite theatre here in charlotte last night!
these young guys from small town, SC with their sheer talent,
brilliant harmonies, & thought provoking lyrics about truly
pursuing their Creator, landed these guys with a top 20 album
two months ago when it was released.

honestly, to see musicians who love the Lord and know that they've been given a gift for a reason and are honoring the Lord with their craft is truly amazing!

last night while they sang their song "signature of divine (Yahweh)" there was an amazing energy in the room. the band rocked out praising God with the lyrics
"Yahweh, Yahweh
Great is Your glory when You go before me
oh, we sing
Holy Holy...
Yours ways are lovely, so high above me
as many of us sang along. it was quite an amazing worship experience!!

they played a song last night unplugged which was phenomenal!
this isn't from last night, but i found this video on youtube that
is just about as good as being at the show.
it is a MUST watch!!


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