Tuesday, October 6, 2009

truth tuesday... & turkey chili

random, i know, but i'm in a total funk this week... ok, scratch that... i've been in a weird funk i can't get out of for about 3 weeks now. it's not like an "i'm pissed off at the world" kinda funk, but more of a fog that is lingering that i just can't seem to find my way out of.

i know, i know... this is my happy place and the truth is no fun, but honestly i have no idea what's going on with me & i just needed to throw that out there. i'm not even able to find my normal blog inspiration! eeeeeeeeekkkkk! i'm going to blame it on the sugar i've started eating again :)

it does NOT help that it has been cold & rainy here yesterday & today. i know we need the rain here in NC, but it is definitely not assisting in brightening my mood. so in an effort to lighten my spirits last night & enjoy the weather as it is, i made TURKEY CHILI.. and it was YUMTASTIC!!
e even said it was super yummy! i found this great website, simplyrecipes.com , yesterday while googling "turkey chili" & i'm very impressed. this recipe was a good one.

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CC. said...

i LOVEEEEEEEE turkey chili and will be making this recipe TONIGHT. thanks girlie :) glad i found u.