Friday, December 4, 2009

the legion of extraordinary dancers

watch this video before it goes away
{and 1:33 -1:37 will for sure blow your mind}

the legion of extraordinary dancers
was featured on So You Think You Can Dance last night
and i literally caught myself at times with my mouth wide open
in awe and tears in my eyes.  these dancers are amazing!

if the above video is gone by the time you get to this post,
please check them out at
they are creating an amazing online experience that will be revealed in 2010
take a closer look into the power & beauty of their dance & their story.



Eric Davidson said...

For the life of me, i couldn't figure out if they were saying "League" or "Legion" of Extraordinary Dancers... they were good tho

52 Faces said...

my gawd I know right!

And the name - such a great nod to geekhood.

Surfed here from Fidgeting Gidget - nice to meet you!