Tuesday, December 8, 2009

{restoring broken dreams}

last night i attended Women Under Construction, a women's event at Forest Hill Church here in Charlotte, NC.  the topic of the evening was 
"restoring our broken dreams."

part of the night highlighted the amazing story of susan boyle and her beautiful story of restoration.  today i'm being inspired by her!  she was born in Scotland, the youngest of ten, and susan boyle's life started off tough from the start.  birth difficulties which cut off her oxygen supply for a short time later caused learning disabilities for her.  through her childhood & adolescense susan was made fun of, nicknamed "simple susie" by her peers, and probably much, much more the media doesn't know about.  i'm sure this could have kept her down, but susan had a dream of singing & she kept going.
she kept seeking her dream, taking those steps in faith that she could accomplish her dream.  after attempting many singing competitions and even some where she was mocked, she finally took the advice of her mother to step out in front of a bigger audience than her parish church and audition for britain's got talent. i'm sure you've all seen her amazing performance on youtube and watched as the audience judged her as soon as she stepped foot on the stage.  i LOVE watching her blow away not only the audience, but the judges as well. 

through all her trials and tribulations, the the pits of despair i'm sure she knew all too well, she triumphed.  she dreamed a dream and went for it!!  even though i'm sure she felt many times that she had been defeated, that she would never amount to anything, her dream was restored!  what a true inspiration!!
check out her new inspiring album,
i dreamed a dream, by clicking here
how many of us have broken dreams?  too many unfortunately, 
but thankfully, God is in the business of restoration

"He renews my strength.
   He guides me along right paths,
      bringing honor to his name"

{psalm 23:3}

what dreams of yours, that God has placed deep in your heart, need restoring today??  seek Him to help guide your steps & it can all be accomplished!! 

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