Thursday, December 31, 2009

a whole funtastic year with a new roommate, the one and only e :: got to spend lots of days loving on my amazing family to the max :: a new lifegroup that brought so many amazing new friends that i just love to pieces :: new opportunities to volunteer with the Advance High School ministry at my church :: new 9th grade girls to lead, learn from, and love on :: finding out one of them has a very rare form of cancer and watching her and her family be surrounded with love and support from our church as she fights this disease :: rising up and  doing battle with one of my biggest struggles a.k.a. operation weight loss :: finally losing 27 pounds that i'd been carrying around WAY too long :: learning to love myself for the woman that i am ::  trusting in the perfect timing and having complete faith that there is someone special out there that one day will love me for me too :: learning and daily trying to grasp my head around that the loving God that i believe in loves me more than i can even begin to imagine :: saying goodbye to loving grandmother as she passed from this life into the next :: discovering my love and talent for photography and walking in the beginning of the stages of what that could mean for my future :: meeting so many inspiring people in person, online, and maybe randomly for 10 minutes, who make me want to be a better person and have encouraged me to start 2010 off with a bang and go for it :: oh and you can't forget twitter... here's to all the wonderful twitter friends i've made over the last year.  what a funny thing, but i love it!
2009 was an amazing year of growth for me as 
a person and i'm taking on 2010 in full force!
i plan on taking my mantra of {} 
& living it the best i can!  i can't wait to for 2010 to
 unfold and hoping i don't forget to slow down 
long enough to enjoy every minute of it!

& don't forget to... 

in 2010


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