Thursday, January 7, 2010


i really don't like this
word, but it doesn't care,
it comes anyways...

i'm 95% sure that the class i signed up for at light factory scheduled to start next week has been cancelled due to lack of interest.  they want to combine the class that i signed up for with another night and none of the other nights they offer the intro class work with my schedule due to prior commitments. 

when i got the email yesterday from them, i totally felt all the wind blow out of my sails.  i was completely disappointed.  i picked up the phone and called my sweet mama & she gently reminded me "everything happens for a reason."  i would love to say that my disppointment quickly turned into hope, but that wasn't the case.  i went to dance to dance it off, but the feeling just lingered as i got in my car to drive home and was still there when i woke up this morning.  unfortunately i tend to dwell on things & this one keeps brewing just reminding me of all the other disappointments in my life recently and some other big ones in the past. 

so i'm asking you guys... 
how do you deal with
disappointment in your life?

{ps -- i'm still alive, healthy, & totally in love with life, and completely believe there is a plan and this has happened for a reason, but just want some input from the good ol' blogosphere}


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