Tuesday, February 16, 2010

music for my soul

last night at CharlotteOne i had the lovely opportunity to see the amazingly talented shane & shane again live in concert.  i think this was at least my 5th time hearing them & what an amazing worship experience it was.  words can't describe the power that was in that place last night.  matthew 18:20 kept running through my mind the whole night & there was no doubt in my mind that the God was in that place...

"...and when two or three of you are together 
because of me, you can be sure that I'll be there." 

 shane & shane's music has been a huge part of my personal expression of what i believe and has taught me so much about God's word.  their ability to put God's word into artistic expression resonates with my soul in a way that's indescribable.  their older album psalms is one of my all time favorites.  i honestly have to say that album got me through many of the ups & downs that college threw my way.  needless to say, if you haven't listened to their music, i would HIGHLY recommend them.

now i always love the openers of concerts that i go to see.  you know those "little" guys who are just getting their start?  sometimes they're good & sometimes they're just so-so, but sometimes... the best times... they are INCREDIBLE talent.  this was true last night & i was introduced to john mark mcmillan for the first time.  holy smokes this guy is legit!  my mom & i decided he's most definitely an old soul in a younger man's body.  his strong, soulful voice live reminded me somewhat of the avett brothers, but at the same time he was completely different.  his lovely wife also joined him on the stage to sing backup vocals for one song & she has some serious pipes as well.  it was simply beautiful!

his music is not for sale online yet, but i was able to find this player to share with you.  
i hope you enjoy!

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