Wednesday, March 24, 2010

country cottage

one lovely little dream i keep tucked away close to my heart is of one day maybe owning a lovely little country cottage.  where you ask?  i'm not sure, but after seeing these pictures via country living and this lovely little post by my blogging friend, move to portugal, i've been daydreaming over this country cottage...

i absolutely love the sunlight in this bedroom. the dark hard woods and wooden rafters just add such an awesome natural feel to this cozy place.  those clean, simple crisp white walls and bedding... such simple elegance.  oh i could see myself cuddled up here for sure!
this kitchen is simply to die for!  again with the hardwoods and the white... i can picture myself now sitting at those bar stools, waking up with a good ol' cup of joe...  and let's talk about those windows!  oh how i love the sunlight so!  i can feel the warmth of the sun shinning in as i'm typing.  i'm sure there are many times spent just gazing at the birds or cooking dinner with some great conversation happens in this kitchen.  maybe even some dancing around that there island?  oh man, i'm getting carried away... moving onward!
the idea of having windows like this over my bathroom sink just makes my heart sing.  the more windows the better i say.  i don't think i could ever get enough sunlight in my home.  the blue fireplace in this living room is a must.  the other blue, green, and natural colored accents add just enough color to give some character to this room.
ahhh the simple, cozy life that flows from the photos of this lovely country cottage.  
let's go.  
who wants to join me?


NatureGirl said...

Me, me, pick me!!! I am in love with that place...ahhhhh!

laura said...

Me too! The cottage is beautiful.

One day.... :-)