Wednesday, March 17, 2010

{ spring travel planning }

my spring travel planning is in full swing and my photography portfolio will be expanding!

first up on the to-do list is to visit my fabuloso college roomie, the lovely jenn d, in NYCizzle!  i mean just look at her chillin' in her b-boy stance... there's no denying it folks... she's pretty awesome. i'm sure there will be lots of reminiscing, lots of gallivanting around the city, dance parties fo sho' and i'm sure i'll challenge her to DDR if we can find it!  I will also be taking the opportunity while i'm up there to grow my photography portfolio and will be shooting some head shots for her.  man i'm so excited i can't stand it! 

 then it's onto philadelphia, pa to visit my old charlotte roomie, A!  this will be my first time in philly and i can't think of anyone else who i'd rather show me the city.  A is also recently engaged (HOLY CRAPOLO that makes me excited!)  and she & her fiance have asked me to shoot their engagement photos while i'm in town.  i'm so excited for and the soon to be mr.  she's my soul sister & she deserves the best hands down.  she's an amazing lady and it's been way too long since i've seen her!
 then last we have the amazing nashville, tn.  i haven't been there in years so i'm excited to return.  this trip will be solo as i've been invited to go to a work convention and they are paying for it all.  woop woop!  i have to be honest though and say i'm NER-VOUS!  i'll be going by myself to this work event where i'll have to talk to people i don't know, and even for me who doesn't really know how to be quiet, that's quite scary.  i keep re quoting this to myself "do something every day that scares you"  plus my camera will be coming along with me and i'll have some free to time to explore the city!

where are you headed this spring?  get out and explore!!


Fidgeting Gidget said...

I'm off to Cleveland for a wedding, then to State College PA to meet a blog buddy!, then to Gettysburg, then DC, then Columbus, OH....all next week! :) I can't wait! Have fun exploring!

Unknown said...

APRIL!!! We live 40 minutes from Philly if you care to add some photos of Families / Toddlers / Babies to your portfolio!!! No pressure though! Your trip will probably be jam packed!

Congrats on rocking out with that camera girl ... I have been seriously impressed!!