Friday, July 23, 2010


yesterday i had the inclination to go to goodwill after work to do some thrifitng.
i've said before that i refuse to pay full price for a good frame when i can
buy them at goodwill and spruce them up for super cheap!

well much to my surprise i hit the JACKPOT yesterday!
i found these 5 frames, 2 sets of 2 matching and 1 smaller one,
plus this rad chair that will eventually be my desk chair all for $23.47!
now all i have to do is add in some spray paint & fabric into the mix.
ummm... SCORE?!!  i don't think i could buy 1 good frame for $23.47.
well maybe, but for reals!  two of the frames even have awesome blue mats
that i can use.  my plan is to finally print some of my own photos and frame
them in my house.  believe it or not, i don't have any of my photos printed
in my house.  what's up with that?

next month i'm super sad to say that e will be moving out, but i'm going to try
and cover up my sadness of her missing with the creation of an actual
office where i can work on my photography and these things are just the start!!
i'll be posting the finished products in the next month or so.  stay tuned...

and get out there & do some thrifting!!

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