Tuesday, July 27, 2010

{mumford & sons}

"Love that will not betray you, dismay or enslave you
It will set you free
Be more like the man you were made to be.
There is a design,
An alignment to cry,
Of my heart to see,
The beauty of love as it was made to be"
-sigh no more
Mumford & Sons, "Sigh No More" has been on constant replay for quite some time now.  i'm absolutely in love with this album.  there's something rich and raw about the reality of their lyrics.  add in their insane musical abilites with a side of folky bluegrass and you have quite the muscial treat for your ears & soul. from God to love, to truly messing things up in life, this album covers a gamet of emotions.  it has taken me quite a few listens to truly appreciate what a great album this is.  i highly recommend it.  would love to hear your opinions as well.


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rockinloubylou said...

Definitely a big fan of the mumford boys. they got some coverage in the Guardian not long ago and that was what got me into them. Great stuff!