Wednesday, September 22, 2010

all things love affair!

wow, how is it wednesday already??  apparently september = the month april is a terrible blogger :)  but let's be honest... i've enjoyed the break and i needed it... so for today, let's jump back to last week and to the amazing love affair workshop in dallas, tx... 
i can't tell you how many times i secretly had talked myself into not going.  i'd convinced myself i wasn't good enough, i didn't have my act together, i don't own and operate my own business yet which in my mind made me completely under qualified to even be in the same place with all the other attendees.  all the while in the back of my head i kept hearing that small, gentle voice speak through my doubts.  "go... go... go..." and that was it.  i was committed to going.  no turning back.  even though all those doubts still lingered, i knew it was right.   the day before i left i got an encouraging email from a friend and one paragraph summed it up
"live adventurously! don't over think.
live with reckless abandon.  God has gone before you!"
this email become my wallpaper on my iphone for the whole time i was away and was my constant encouragement... now onto the week...
i had the privilege of spending the week at the W Hotel in dallas.  can we say swanky?!??  ...the room, the bar, the gym (yes i did see this room 3 mornings in my time there... HOLLA!) the pool, the view... oh my!  it was all just fab!  sadly enough other than our photo shoot we did on wednesday, which i'll post some pictures from tomorrow, i didn't take any pictures, but on my iphone.  i guess the saying "the best camera is the one you have with you" held true to form for me last week.  my brain was too busy soaking up all the fantastic information from davina, lauren, millie, & kelly, that it was a total after thought to pick up my camera.  i'm sort of kicking myself now, but i still love the shots i grabbed with my iphone hipstamatic app.

...and can i just go ahead and brag on the ah-mazing ladies i had the opportunity to meet last week.  sweet kelly hornberger of houston, tx and i previously connected through the wonderful world of social media before we went to dallas and it was so great to meet her in person.  she's a lovely woman and mother of, soon-to-be, 3 boys.  i was blessed to meet my awesome roommate for the week amy pittsinger from little elm, tx and the lovely martina of froken focus made it all the way across the big pond from sweden for the week.  what a joy it was talking with her!

lastly, i was blessed to find common ground and great friends in misty trone from nashville, TN, cat hornberger from austin,TX, & wynne elder from midland, TX.  if any of you dear readers are near any of these awesome woman that i've mentioned above and need a photographer you should definitely look them up and tell them april sent ya!  they're all brilliant. 

all of the women i met in dallas were top notch and made the week an experience that i'll never forget!  i'm very excited to put into practice what i learned last week and this weekend i have 2 weddings that i'll be helping almond leaf studios shoot to do just that!


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