Wednesday, October 27, 2010

{beech mountain - part uno}

a few weekends ago we headed up the mountain for another beautiful fall weekend on beech mountain.  the air was cool, the leaves had turned, and all smiling family faces were present.  we relaxed, we played, we hiked, and we went to the famous "woolly worm festival" (more pics coming tomorrow from that!)  i love this place more and more every time we come.  i'm really starting to believe i could split my life between mountain life and city life... is that possible? :)  i love the simplicity, the clean cool air, being with my family and smack in the beauty of the Lord's creation.  it makes my heart sing and is a time of refreshing for me as this life has been busy. too busy.  i'm trying my best to slow it down and enjoy each day as it comes and have had some success.  unfortunately blogging has taken a back burner as you well know so i hope you enjoy these pictures!  thanks for continuing to stop by and i pray that each one of you has an amazing and fantastical week!

two fun loving, goofy kiddos who love each other...most days :)

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