Thursday, October 7, 2010

not how i wanted to start my morning...

sometimes when you are about to turn into your place of employment, this happens...
apparently the girl behind me, on a very straight road, "couldn't stop"...or didn't try. 
her little VW jetta going about 40MPH was stopped by my trusty nissan.
no skids.
her airbags deployed.
poor lucy was in the back seat.
thankfully ALL parties involved (minus the cars) are ok.

not how i wanted to start my morning, but thankfully i'm ok.


NatureGirl said...

Ewww, yuck! Such a bummer, but thankfully you are not hurt. Although I expect you may be sore for a few days...good excuse for a hot bath and massage?
Good luck with all the crud that comes after an accident...glad you are ok! Have a better day!


Fidgeting Gidget said...

I'm glad you're ok. The thing that is crazy about your picture is that the rear passenger door and the back end of the car have a huge chunk of light showing between them. I hope it doesn't rain in NC any time soon!!!