Thursday, November 11, 2010

{it's beginning to sound a lot like christmas}

yep.  i've been listening to Christmas music.  i'm not overdoing it, but when this album from dave barnes came out this past tuesday, i couldn't give up the opportunity to induldge.  i mean it's dave barnes + christmas music... HELLO?!? ... this album is G double O D...  GOOD!  click here to get it for $6.99 on itunes.  now that's a good deal.
i've decided that i'm definitely a traditional Christmas music type of girl, but an absolute sucker for a little jazzy, country, soulful Christmas music. do you like that description?
 there's something about the soul of the holiday that just requires some good ol' sound.  this is another album that i found that would fall into that category with dave's... "a neighborly Christmas" by none other than drew holcomb and the neighbors.

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